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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i still got it?

i can't believe im actually putting this up for the world to see .. but i guess im a little proud of myself for still being able to "move" :) we did this dance our senior year at a pep rally and LOVED it and sweet Katie gave me the music for it last week so I am teaching it to the girls this year for them to do at the homecoming pep rally. filmed myself doing it at practice to put it online for the girls to use as a resource... they still dont have it down yet, so dont judge. it's gonna be great! :)

in other news... jordan and i are leaving for new york thursday morning at 6 am!!! its only my 2nd time going... things im looking forward to:
-going to late night with jimmy fallon (i watch it EVERY NIGHT) so i cant wait to be there!
- staten island ferry to see the statue of liberty
- visiting the Top of the standard hotel (aka the boom boom room where celebrities are spotted)
- shopping!!!!
- going to southern hospitality (jt's restaurant)
- meeting all of my great friend, Brantley's friends
- visiting the MOMA, the met, and the museum of natural history
- running around times square

and last but not least.... for all of you who've known me since middle school, you understand how huge this is...

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is hosting SNL this weekend with musical guest Lady Gaga... that means they will BOTH be in town. I am GOING to find him, I just know it :) We may get into the SNL After Party Saturday night (brantley used to work for SNL) AND we're going to justin's restaurant one night... i think my chances are pretty good, folks!!

anyone have any other suggestions of MUST-GO/MUST-SEE places or things to do in NYC?? Cant wait!!!


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