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Friday, May 6, 2011

first week...over!

first week of practice is complete.


i can BARELY hold my eyes open as im typing, i am so exhausted. but i am happy to share a couple pictures with you and let you know... i am really excited for this year!! We're already making leaps and bounds from the horror stories i've head about last year and i am so excited for these girls. i dont even know them all that well (yet) but i can tell you that the passion is there. they are pumped! it's great to see :)

here's our first team picture:

here's little C and me after a LONG three days of tryouts and the "you made it!" party:

here's after the first practice:

can you tell thats the only shirt we have right now? dont worry. i didnt make them wear it every day this week. only monday and thursday :) the rest of the shirts are ordered and should be in next week! cant wait for yall to see them! they are fun. Cathleen and I have been having the best time picking out everything. We're getting TWO new uniforms this year (which is incredible) we got to pick those out tonight and the girls had their fitting. We're super excited about the uniforms.. one is bringing back old school Eastside like we're trying to do! woot! We've also been having a hay day picking out shoes, poms, bloomers, warmups, and everything in between!

You long time followers will be happy (and proud of me, i hope) to learn that i have been SLOWLY but SURELY weening off the ambien! it has been a long and difficult process but for two weeks i managed to take only half a pill. Then Saturday night I didn't take one at all, and since then I've only taken 1/4 of a pill, which is a teeny tiny nibble of a pill. Go Me!!! I will feel so relieved to rid that of my lifeeeee! speaking of... maybe right now i will close my computer, and not take one at all, bc i can feel my eyes closing on their own! i'll let you know if i succeeded tomorrow!

<3 and cheer! :) (im so clever)



  1. SO happy everything is going good for you! How exciting!
    & Also, YAY for you & your ambien :) That's awesome!

  2. It's not over yet ... we still have to make it through our four hour safety class tomorrow! See you there bright and early. :)