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Monday, October 25, 2010

tick tock tick tock

so. matt left for Los Angeles yesterday. I CLEANED like you've never seen me clean before yesterday. Stirring up dust, dirt, and dog hair. burying my face in places i shouldn't (ex: behind the washing machine and dryer..) i think i inhaled an entire dust bunny. anyway, i woke up with a fever, sore throat, itchy ears, and sneezing this morning. i hate allergies!!!! so i'm home from work. and finishing up the laundry i started yesterday. we're having a halloween party this weekend and im trying to get the house in order before matt gets back Wednesday night. Just so he doesnt have to help, haha he's not a big cleaning fan, and I figure it'll be a good surprise for him to come home to an immaculate house.

Anyway, that was just an update. now for the good stuff. if you read my blog, there's a pretty good chance you read "Peek Through Our Window" which is my bestest pal, Megan Wells Ayers. And a few weeks ago she posted a link for "GROUPON." ever since she did, i am loving life!!!! first thing i do when I wake up is check to see what the "deal of the day" is. i will most definitely be purchasing some gift certificates on there. What happens is, each day there will be a 24 hr "deal" like ... the other day it was get a $50 gift certificate to Chicora Alley for $25! Which is awesome! There will also be coupons for massages, tours, concerts, etc etc. I love it!!!

Sign up HERE for Groupon!!

Also another site, just like it, that I signed up for just yesterday is . it's the same concept!!!! Happy Deal Hunting!!!

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  1. woohoo!! I have to get on! I'm so glad you like Groupon. Miss you little love and hope you're feeling better!!