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Sunday, June 6, 2010


i've been posting a lot of "things" lately, but nothing about whats going on in our lives. not that anything major has happened, but i really like writing about things we've done this past week, etc., so i can look back on the memories in the future.

Some recent happenings:

-Matt is almost done with P90X. He has done SO WELL with it and I'm so proud of him! He looks great!! He's lost 35lbs so far!
- I am done planning Bachelorette Weekend, we're going on Friday, I'm so excited!
- Annie is getting fatter, we need to take her to the vet, asap, and put her on diet food! she's still as cute as ever though :)
- Our house is as messy as it's ever been. I've not had a job since we've lived in it, and now that I do, I'm learning how to handle cleaning, cooking, working, etc. all at once :) what a multitasker im going to become!! (never as good as my mom though)
- I'm so ready to get off all these medicines. I go back to my doctor the last week of June and I am going to ask him if I have any other options. I don't want to get off of them and my condition come right back, but I just would rather be clean of everything!
- I haven't cooked a GOOD meal in a long time. I really need to get crackin'
- My brother & sister just finished their sophomore year in college. Crazy!!!
- I'm helping Dad sell his house right now... anyone looking to buy in Easley?? :)
- It's full blown wedding season!! We've been to a bunch and have a bunch to go, I love it!!!!
- I discovered Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter ice cream and I shouldn't have!
- I've gained 6 lbs since February. I know I got smaller than ever while I was sick and needed to gain a couple back, but not 6!! Gotta start working out again..bleh.
- I really really realllllllllllly miss Callie, my best friend in Australia, and wish she could move back :) orrr at least come visit!
- I have such a summer bug that I'd be happy to live in a shack at the beach forever. Ok, maybe not forever but we got a small taste (about 4 hrs) of the beach, last weekend in Wilmington, for Matt's cousin's wedding, and it was SO AWESOME. I love the beach. And it makes me sad bc my family doesn't really, they are more "lake people." And matt doesnt like the sun bc he burns easily. I could stay there all day with a cooler of sandwiches and michelob ultra, come in and take a nap, wake up and go eat crab legs at a rustic little beachfront restaurant, go home and play cards or do a puzzle, ahhhhh!! When I "grow up" I want to be a millionaire and have a beach house that we live at during the summers. In Pawley's Island or Isle of Palms or Destin. thanks.

that's all for now :) here's a picture from the wedding last weekend ... hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. haha you are so cute with your thoughts! Annnnd you BOTH look AMAZING!!! And like I said on FB... i want your dress.