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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a musician's wife :)

i think most of you know, but i am married to a jack-of-all-trades kind of man :) i have a husband who beat michael phelps in swimming when he was 9 years old (and was ranked like 3rd in the US when he was that age, in swimming), started computer programming when he was 13, played Tennis, Track, Swimming, Football, Basketball, and threw discus in high school... haha.., played in a band in high school and WYFF news 4 did a story about him called "Music Mann" (he went to JL Mann high school) about his athleticism and musical ablilities, went to UNC to play Division I football for college, trasferred to Clemson, double majored in Computer Science and Math, paid his way through college playing music in bars, and now designs video games. There isnt much he CANT do. He's even become quite the handy man and gardener :) Also, he is amazing at guitar hero and all video games (had to throw that in there for him).

Anyway, out of all of his talents, I love the musician in him most, although his singing gets annoying when I'm trying to watch a show or talk on the phone and he's in the background singing "IN THE JUNGLE THE MIGHTY JUNGLE THE LION SLEEPS TONIIIIIIIIIIGHT" (in the high pitched voice, dont worry) he sings. ALL. the. time. He goes to the bathroom and after being in there for 10 minutes I hear "i'll get ovvvvvvver you.. i know i will... ill pretend my ships not siiiiiiiiiiinkinn!" playing the guitar on the commode, a class act. It's very endearing though.

Tonight I got home from dinner at Sarah's and watched some TV with Jordy. When she left, I came upstairs to get ready for bed and noticed the light in the guest room was on. We never go in there. I opened the door and here's what I saw...

after i got over the dismay of seeing all that dirty equipment on my NEW WHITE quilt...i smiled and realized my little musician had set-up-shop in the guest room tonight to record some music. then he exclaimed "yeahh! i recorded some songs! i got out of my funk!" (he hasnt recorded much music lately). then proudly gave me his new creation, on a cd, and said "go yisten!" ("listen" for those of you who don't know that we turn all "L's" we say into "Y's")

i won't go on raving all day, but I am very proud to call him my husband! he's so talented .. and i love him! and want to share with you all this random little song he recorded on a whim tonight :)

happy tuesday :)



  1. I just listened to the songs. Wow!! They are awesome!! My only comparison is that my husband thinks he can sing just like George Strait (no way) and that annoys me :)

  2. I just got a big ACCESS DENIED when I clicked on it to listen because I'm at work! Sad!! I will go home and listen :) Who knew your hubby was THAT talented...geez! I love you and I had so much fun seeing you this weekend!!