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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blogger's block and mother's day weekend

i dont know what to write about lately. several times ive clicked "new post" then sat staring at the flashing line trying to think of something to type then say to myself "screw it im going to bed." i guess i can tell about our fun weekend last week ...

my grandparents have a house up in the mtns (highlands, nc) and we just decided to go, spur of the moment, friday afternoon. the weather was to die for, breezy and cool enough saturday night to have a fire. saturday, my mom and trav came up for the day and we had fun! went to eat at the pizza place downtown highlands and then shopped around at the cutest boutiques ever :) i got a new dress! there's a pic of downtown highlands below, if you havent been, you should go one weekend! its only about an hour and fifteen minutes from greenville and its super fun! anyway, we went shopping, got some ice cream at sweetreats, then went back to the house and went fishing out on the golfcourse! it was so pretty :) and fun spending time with mom.

i am feeling really great. everything's wonderful. job is so FUN ! i love it~!! the dog's are loving the warm weather, and so is matt. working in the yard a lot lately. i've been busy with work and planning my cousin Ashley's bachelorette weekend! it's in a month and we're going to Tybee Island/Savannah, GA for the weekend. I can't wait to get to the beach :) .... im sitting here trying to think of more stuff to say and i can't really, so ill just leave you with some pictures from the weekend. love to all! - b

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