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Thursday, May 27, 2010

a day in the life ...

before you read this, you have to know that i am a one-of-a-kind species. i live for sleep, but im an insomniac at night. i have been taking ambien since we've been married, and i cannot WAIT to get off of it. ive become very dependent on it and lately havent even been sleeping well while taking it, but the nights i've tried NOT to take it, ive fallen asleep around 7:30 am when matt's alarm clock goes off. SO. its not the easiest thing to do ... the ambien has started causing me to dream. i have the most vivid dreams ALL NIGHT LONG and lately have been having a hard time lately deciding if things really happened or if i've just dreamed it before. it's super annoying, and in case you didnt know, when you dream you're in REM sleep, which is the lightest stage of sleep, so if youre dreaming all night, you're never really getting a good night's "deep" sleep. this cartoon sums it up, haha

so this is a day in the life of me...

9:15 am ... wake up. take my medicine. brush my teeth. throw on a dress and jewelery. put on some make-up.

9:45am ... feed the dogs, pop a waffle in the toaster, make a sandwich for work, put peanut butter on my waffle, run out the door to work.

10 am ... make it to work and start a nonstop day of fun and craziness.

5:30 pm ... leave work. stop at publix. pick something *quick* to make for dinner.

6 pm ... get home. change to pajamas on most days.. feed the dogs (again) start dinner..

7 pm ... eat dinner. lay on the couch with my quilt and watch tv, blog, play with the dogs, listen to matt sing and play guitar from the bathroom, haha. clean-up, do laundry, etc.

10:30 - make matt's coffee for the morning. take a shower. straighten my hair. get in bed. take medicine. get on computer for a bit.

11, 12, 1, 2 am .... somewhere in there, i fall asleep. most of the time its later rather than sooner. around 1:15 if im lucky!! during all that time i switch between turning the tv on and off... changing the sound on my sound machine.. snuggling with cooper.. scratching matt's back... watching either bravo, food network, We, or hgtv if the tv's on.

:) and that's my life. it varies usually. esp. in the time slot between getting off work and 10:30 pm. but i always try getting in bed asap, and end up not falling asleep til like... late. oh well. hopefully it will get better one day!!! whats a day in your life like?



  1. oh britt. i can't imagine not sleeping. don't know how to you do it! hope you can get some good sleep soon!!

  2. aww I like knowing what you're doing when I'm not with you!! I'm glad you get home and put on your pajamas too...I'm always dying to get to mine haha. I hope you're terrible sleep gets better very soon...maybe you should just get pregnant!! They say you go through periods of sleeping non-stop!! :) I need to have another neice or nephew please! :) Love you!