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Monday, April 26, 2010


sorry to be such a slacker, guys! i have been sooooo busy lately! i am working at the poinsett bride, downtown greenville and i love it! been working hard training and learning the ropes around the boutique and doing a bunch of other things, too.

ill tell you a little about the job. I got my dress at the poinsett bride in february 2008. i loved the experience, loved the people, and ive always loved the business (wedding). since i was in middle school, if ever i was having a bad day, my friends new just how to cheer me up ... wedding magazines :) anyway. when we found out last year we were going to be moving back to greenville, i emailed poinsett bride (after working at davids bridal while in raleigh) telling them i was coming back, i loved what i'd been doing at davids and was hoping they were hiring. they werent :( then around christmas, i emailed them again, hoping not to bother them but just knew wedding season was coming up and wanted to see if they may be hiring. they weren't . then two weeks ago, i got an email saying "hey brittney still wondering if youre interested in the position" next thing i know i was interviewing and hired on the spot to start training.

poinsett bride is owned by a mother and her daughter-in-law and there's only one other employee on the floor, pam, who i love and already had some mutual friends with. so its great. i am learning the ins and outs of everything and i sold my first bride today!!! a paloma blanca dress. this is it if you care to see it :) ... Paloma Blanca. love her.

So, i've been busy with that. and with planning ashley's bachelorette weekend, which is in june! im so excited about it! we're going to tybee island/savannah for the weekend. i think it's going to be so fun.

also, matt and i have been working in the yard, cleaning out the garage, etc. ill post some pictures of our work soon.

p90x is going terribly. i quit for 2 weeks. and have gained back 3 lbs! yikesarama. matt is awesome at it! he is still serious and going strong everyday and has lost 20 lbs so far!! and getting quite a nice six pack :) he's turned our garage into a small p90x studio. im so proud of him and jealous of his motivation and determination. im starting back this week, gotta get ready for the beach!!!

ok, sorry for being so slack, again. (wells) and a HUGE congratulations to the meade's who are pregnant with baby #1 !!!!!! im so excited for yall, whit!!!

write sooner than later, promise.

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