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Thursday, February 18, 2010


well, last night i dreamed that i was at the jcrew outlet in destin. i had all of these wonderful swimsuits and cute dresses, and sandals, and shirts for matt... the list goes on. and it was hot and humid... curly hair... salt in the air......crab legs in my belly.. sigh.

im typically a winter girl. when it gets hot outside, i cant WAIT for fall weather and sweatshirts. but after this cold, cooped-up-in-the-house winter. i am so ready for the beach!!! not necessarily for the greenville humidity to cause me to breathe in thick, water-saturated air when i get in my car after being in the grocery store for 10 freakin minutes ... or sticking to the leather in dad's convertible... or sweating to death just walking out to get mail from the mailbox. but THE BEACH! i may even be so lucky as to go twice this summer. once with matt and once for my cousins bachelorette weekend. i really hope that's the case. and if it is... these are JUST A FEW of the things i wish to purchase for my trips :)


  1. um, seriously destin outlet has the cutest stuff right now. i wanted everything jcrew had. im sure the selection will only get better as the warmer months come! when are yall coming down here? we'll probably be gone, but it would be fun to see you!

  2. ooooohhh so cute!! And so is your blog! :) We need to get together soon!