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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ready to give her away

i just came downstairs to find this...if you cant tell. that is a HOLE in the carpet that annie decided to dig up. and chew. through both the carpet and the padding, leaving the bare subflooring exposed. keep in mind, we live in a RENTAL house. the carpet is already pretty dingy, and it was when we moved we are sure the landlord would probably update it or get laminate flooring when we move out in a month and a half anyway, but now she definitely will. and now, it will be at our expense. i am so angry. there had to have been some sort of scent or bug down under the carpet right there though bc annie typically doesnt dig. unless she finds a worm in the yard or something. i am almost ready to give her to my grandparents or something. good grief. she is SO BAD and so mischievious!!!!!!!! but she really is sweet in her heart of hearts. and she's the cutest thing youve ever seen. she just is so destructive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gah!

ok. enough venting about that. we're going to greenville tomorrow. and she will get to be at matt's mom's house which has an awesome, huge, yard and her and cooper can stay outside all day and get their energy out. thank God. we have a wedding to go to saturday and we're going home a few days early to HOPEFULLY figure out our living situation. it's been so stressful. but i just keep telling myself. be so happy you're moving back to greenville. and i am. at this point i dont even care where we live, im just glad to be going home :)

please pray for annie to be a better *dog* (keyword) and get out of the freakin' puppy stage. otherwise im going to go insane. she is such a baby and i wish she would grow up to be an old lazy dog. major props to all you moms of human babies out there! i dont know how you do it!!!! you're amazing.

here's the case you all forgot how innocent she looks...


  1. Just to let you know, puppies are much harder then children! I got a puppy when Benjamin was 6 months old and we gave her to my aunt 3 months later. I just couldn't handle her as a puppy when I had a baby too. So hang in there she will be out of the puppy stage by the time you are ready to have children:)

  2. lauren. that is SUCH encouragement :) thank you!! haha. my mom is not a dog person and everytime i complain to her about the dogs she's like "just think babies are 10 times harder than that." im always thinking. if thats the truth, i dont know how ill handle it. but now i just realize its bc she never really had a dog. haha anyways thanks thats very encouraging

  3. Britt,

    You said you are a "once a month" blogger but you completely missed June and i have yet to see July :-( I need to be updated on your life!