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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hello greenville!! :)

15 days til Greenville. We got everything finalized with our new house today. we are SO excited to move back to greenville and especially to be getting such an awesome house in an awesome neighborhood, i cant even contain myself!! this is our new house

the past couple of days, not only have we been packing, but also cleaning. ugh! our lovely (not) landlord called us Sunday to "let us know" she would be showing this house tonight (wednesday night) so. not only have i been packing boxes, wrapping wine glasses, organizing medicine cabinets, and on and on and on.... but ive had to have the house spotless for her to come show it. we have a whopping $2500 deposit on this place that we're GOING to get back and we didn't want to give her any reason to rethink that. so i have been cleaning NON STOP for 2 days. and now matt said he feels like he lives in a neat freaks house. i am happy its clean bc it's a little easier to pack when everything is already in it's place, but i am sad bc i have no visitors or friends here to come see what an awesome cleaning job ive done! (im not the cleanest person ever... im actually very messy) thats why i wish someone could see this in person! here are a few pictures of what it looks like ... if youre just seeing pics of our house for the first time... dont worry it's not always this bare. we've packed most of our "decor" already .

So to sum it up... there has been so much going on lately. Cathleen's Wedding and festivities, Megan's wedding and festivities (both of which were absolutely beautiful) and packing and cleaning and getting our carpet professionaly cleaned, and trying to find a job, and getting boxes on craigslist and ashley getting engaged (yay! my cousin. im going to be the matron of honor and she sent me some really pretty flowers...the ones that are on the table in the picture above) and all the loan and house stuff and scheduling the movers. i have had so much to do! i am so lucky that matt has such a great career and i am able to not have a job right now and be able to do all this stuff. as soon as i get to greenville, im going to contribute to the cash flow again :) i love yall!