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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i guess im a "once-a-month" blogger

though im on my computer quite a bit, i always forget to blog. well /i guess i dont forget to, because i always read everyone else's blog, but i just dont. i promise to start doing it more often.

ill start with the most recent happenings first.

i was just cooking dinner. where usually the dogs sit in the kitchen the entire time waiting for me to drop a morsel, and i realized they werent in there. i thought it was strange and came into the living room to find, cooper looking guilty as can be and put his tail between his legs. then annie COVERED in what looked like red mud, then seeing a HUGE MASS of this "red mud" like substance all over the quilt on the couch (thank goodness it wasnt on the couch itself). first i freaked out then realized there was no red mud outside right now. noticed annie was licking herself insanely. then saw a chewed open box of jello- chocolate pudding mix on the floor. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry. ended up being an easy mess to clean as i just threw the quilt in the washer and vaccummed some powder left on the couch. matts going to give annie a bath in a little bit, and cooper's already mananged to clean himself. and i looked up whether it woud hurt them or not and they're fine. the whole "dogs cant have chocolate" thing is NOT a rumor, however, it's mainly the rule for DARK CHOCOLATE. anyway. just another day in the life of a dog owner :)

second. weddings galore. one month from tomorrow is cathleen and chris's wedding. and megan and blake's is july 11. im so excited! i have decided im going to start packing stuff over the next couple weeks (we're hoping to move back, mid july) and i have to be back for 4 weekends in a row from june 13-july11 then moving so it's pretty much the only time i have to pack. i hate packing. ill just turn on some music and get a wad of newspaper, boxes, and tape from somewhere and get after it. if anyone has any moving tips, i'd love to hear them.

we're deciding this week whether we're going to rent for a year or buy a house in greenville. it has been a much more stressful situation than i had planned for. trying to take it day by day and see what happens. at this point, im just so glad to be moving back to greenville that i dont care if we have to live in a box. i mean. i do. but i am so happy to move back!!!

i am so excited for american idol tonight and the new "preview" of Glee. i think it's going to remind me a lot of chorus in high school (glee, that is). it looks really good. i miss high school. i think i am one of the only ones. a lot of people say they wouldnt go back if they were paid to. i mean, i dont want to go back for the whole time, but a couple months or so would be nice. didnt realize how easy we had it back then did we?? gah! wish i could just up and go to the beach for a week and spend my parents money and then come back and hit up payson's house and do something crazy. i loved chorus and i loved cheerleading (ha) and i loved my friends. just hated waking up that early. that is something i DO NOT do. (megan, admire you x1,000,000 for the time that you wake up every day. gah) .

ok. this is just turning into a journal entry, rather than telling you anything productive, but i figured i owe you all a blog. :) talk sooner than later, i swear.


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  1. YAY! A Post!

    Thanks for the props but i'll admit i haven't been waking up that early ever since it started to get warmer in Alaska! Its just too pretty to go to the gym so i wait after work and go for runs (most days.) Bear free!

    You have a lot of exciting things going on in your life right now! Moving is always a pain but once you get settled in its such a good feeling!

    And oooohhh i remember those puppy days! Good thing it WASN'T red mud b/c you would've never gotten that out!! I am so glad that Blaze and Indi are both over a year old now but i sure do miss when Blaze was just a little guy, then again... maybe not so much haha!