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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

coming up on 6 months...

can you believe it? matt and i will have been married for half a year, this saturday. it seems not that long ago, but at the same time it does. there's been so much going on lately.

work is super annoying. i still love what i actually DO, just some people are very negative and it seems like i can never do anything right in their eyes. also i end up driving an hour (there and back) everytime i work. then dont get paid that much. ANYWAY, i really do love love love working with the brides and helping them pick out their dress, i guess i just wish i owned my own wedding boutique with designer quality dresses, and a happy environment :) wishful thinking. maybe one day.

right now i am sitting waiting on my chicken spaghetti to be ready. ive still been cooking a lot lately. this recipe is from the pioneer woman (LOVE her blog!) check it out..
ive made a couple of her recipes and they are always fantastic. ill let you know how this one turns out.

i finally got a new camera battery for my canon "nice camera." i cant wait to start taking pictures again. matt and i are not able to go home for easter this year, so we're going to celebrate here with the littles. (dogs). maybe ill hide some eggs for them. cooper probably wouldnt know whats going on, but annie can SMELL ANYTHING. i could just put some peanut butter or something in the eggs and she would definitely sniff it out. then i could get some good pictures. yeah! i might do that!

there are so many exciting things coming up! i know its going to fly by. im going home next weekend for megan wells' shower. i am so happy. i love going home and i love that shower's are starting bc that means the weddings are just getting closer!! i am going to be home an awful lot in june and july then we're moving back in august. yes! how awesome!

matt just took on a *side* job contracting for this really guy. he is going to pay him pretty well and we are hoping to save most of the money he makes from it, but also put away a little "vacation" pot and hopefully go back to the most amazing place on earth for our anniversary. le blanc resort spa (in cancun) was the absolute best hotel ive ever ever stayed in and i wouldnt choose anywhere else to go. (that's where we went on our honeymoon). i hope it works out!

we are going to start looking at houses in greenville towards the end of may. i will keep yall posted on what we find. i know i havent been the greatest at updating my blog, but i will get better, you'll see :) hope everyone is doing as great as we are!



  1. ohh man. did you see pioneer womans mac and cheese recipe? i thought of you.. although im sure you have a great one. i cant wait to see your pictures!!! yay!

  2. Hallelujah a blog post!!!

    I LOVE the pioneer woman. Even if i'm not thinking about cooking, i'll just go there and look at all the pretty pictures of the yummy food!

    Good luck on Finding a house in G'ville! I think Adam and I might be moving to GA in a year! (its a maybe though...keeping my fingers crossed) I am jealous that i'll prob. miss Megan's wedding :-( I wish i could be there! Tell everyone i said hi at the shower!