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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

recent happenings

where to begin. so much to tell. i guess first and foremost, we are moving back to greenville in june or july!! we are so excited about it :) let me explain how this is possible.

we first moved to raleigh bc matt's company (about 30 people) were going to try to get a raleigh office (they are in wilson, nc right now, about 45 minutes from raleigh) and consolidate people who live in GA, St. Louis, Arizona, California, etc. They were probably going to move to Raleigh as well. Then when the economy got so bad, they decided everyone was doing fine working from home and they didnt really have the money to get a new raleigh office (the wilson office is already really nice anyway). SO technically matt can work from anywhere. he's only been to the office about 5 times since we've lived here. but the MAIN reason we are moving back is because I am going to finish at Clemson. :) last time i was home the opportunity presented itself to us and it is just something we couldn't pass up.

Incase you dont know why i didnt already finish at clemson... i took statistics 4 times and couldnt get through it. tutors, acad. support center, etc etc etc. there really is a lot more to the story but i tried meeting with advising counselors and others to figure out if there was another major i could switch to that didnt require statistics and ran into MULTIPLE road blocks along the way. now i have an awesome opportunity to meet with the head provost of the university and she is going to help me find a way around all the roadblocks. dont bother with the "why dont you just..." we literally tried everything we could. but now im going back :) hooray!

on a much sadder note, matt's nana passed away earlier this afternoon after battling cancer for over 2 years. we are headed to bishopville, probably friday, for the services on saturday. she was one of the sweetest people i knew. so glad i got the opportunity to meet her and spend some time with her since matt and i got married.

after that i dont really want to talk much about anything else. just going to remember Nana today and be thankful for this wonderful life God has given us. despite this harsh, horrible economy, and the struggle to make it (economically) as newlyweds lately. this has really turned my attitude around and made me thankful for the life that we have. :)


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  1. Oh Britt I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's Nana! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

    But thanks for writing a blog! =) It made my day!