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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Why am I such a terrible blogger??? Oh yeah, I guess bc I have a crazy almost 15 month old, coaching high school cheerleading now that the seasons started back, and have 3 real estate closings in less than a month. I'm not complaining. Life is good.

Just wanted to tell a few things that Mary Tyler is doing now.

- She started walking running at 14 months. She only crawls now if she falls and is trying to get to something really fast.

- She can identify all the different animals toys in the bathtub. She doesnt try to say their names yet but if you say "where is the lion?" she will show it to you and smile.

- She says Mama, Dada, Gigi, Aww, Bye, Hi (hide, and she only says it in a whisper voice) 

- She will hold the phone up to her ear when I say hello

- If you say "Where's Mary Tyler??" She covers her eyes and plays peekaboo

- She LOVES hide-n-seek. 

- She makes a "monster face" on command.

- She yells "AH!" back and forth with you

- Food she loves: oatmeal, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, beans from taco casa (her fave!), hummus, pita,  apple juice, yogurt, teensy fruits (fruit snacks). She's not so much a meat lover. She'll eat bites of chicfila nuggets and she'll eat meat from taco casa if i mix it in with beans but shes not a meat lover. 

- Schedule: Wake up 9:30, Nap 2-4, Bed 7:30/8:00

- She is SO independent. She will not let us help her with anything (hold her hand when she's walking, help her figure out a toy, etc) She has a temper. She loves to just study things real hard. She gets bored after about 2 minutes of seeing a new thing or toy. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm still describing Mary Tyler, not her Daddy :-) girl is JUST like her daddy! 

We love our little, Sweet!!!!  (that's what I call her right now, Sweet) 

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