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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Mary Tyler,

You turned one year old 10 days ago. I truly CANNOT BELIEVE it. It seems like only yesterday you were a little bundle of blankets who hardly ever made a peep. Now you are a squealing, exploring, laughing, yelling, curious bundle of energy!!

On your actual birthday, you woke up to dada and me singing happy birthday to you and you stood in your crib and laughed at us. We had a relaxing Saturday morning and then you went down for nap. When you woke up, Aunt Kelleigh brought you some presents and saw you for a little bit. Later, Grandy & Grams, Travdaddy & Gigi, Tyler & Janey, Lindsey, Erica, Zane, and baby Wilson came over. You had SO MUCH FUN with baby Wilson. He is just 2 1/2 months younger than you, but you are MUCH bigger than him. You wanted to "talk" (yell) at him, and scared him several times. You shared your toys and played and played. We ate some supper then opened your presents. When we put you in the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday, you looked all around like "wait....this is for me??" and as soon as you realized that, you lit up and started squealing and smiling so big. You're a sweet little attention hog :)

Two days ago, we had your little birthday party. In attendance: Suzy & Yates Dover, Erin & Anderson Dumit, Carmen & Annie Knox Feemster, Ellis & Bo Crigler, Katie & Sawyer Aughtry, Cathleen Taylor, Meg Hellard, Megan Ayers, Jordan Griffith, Sarah Jones, Nana, Gigi, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Janey, Beth Neely, Lauren Miller. We played downstairs with all of your toys. You loved "showing them off." You yelled (squealed) at them "HEY! HEY! HEY!" and some of them cried. We all went outside to swing and play with bubbles and you had the time of your life. You got some really fun presents and once again hammed it up when everyone sang happy birthday to you. You slept like a rock afterwards.

What's up with you:

Sleeping: You go to bed between 7 and 730 and wake up around 930 very consistently.  You take one nap from about 1:00-3:00. You sleep in a sleep sack and have to have your sound machine on ocean. You have about 6 loveys and three blankets in the crib with you, you love to snuggle them. You sleep on your tummy and when you wake up in the morning you sit up and play with your loveys and talk quietly to yourself.

Eating: We are trying to wean you from your bottle/formula right now and switch to sippy/milk. You do NOT like milk. You SCREAM crying whenever I try to give it to you. You're so smart you can tell if its milk or water in your sippy just from looking at it. If its clear you chug the whole thing right away then act out of breath, if its white you start screaming and throw it across the room!

Skills: You still crawl as fast as lightning everywhere. You stand up on your own, and even pick up toys and move them while standing, but dont want to take a step. You don't seem interested in walking yet, but that's ok with me. :) Whenever anyone (Dada) says "See you later!" you will say "bye bye" back. You can "dance" whenever bubble guppies comes on (or any song). You wave. You eat bigger bites of food now. You still wear size 4 diapers. You give kisses but they are always open mouth kisses.

You have two bottom teeth and the top ones should come in any day now.

You love books that have a "flap" you like to find them and look behind it.

Your favorite shows are bubble guppies, tickety tock, max & ruby, mickey mouse clubhouse, and yo gabba gabba.

You still love CHEESE (grilled cheese, mac n cheese, sliced american cheese, cheetos) and aren't so much unto meat.

We've moved to a new house and you really like it. You have a great big playroom and a very pretty nursery.

You LOVE bath time and will lay on your tummy and kick and splash all over the place and squeal with delight.

You are the JOY of our lives and we love you so, very very much!!

I will post pictures soon!!

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