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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mary Tyler is 2 months old!!!

Time is swiftly passing and we are loving our sweet baby girl more and more everyday.
Here are her stats from her 2 month check-up: 

Weight: 11 lb 7 oz (55th percentile)
Height: 23 in. (84 percentile..she's the height of an average 4 month old)
I cant find the measurement of her head right now but it's in the 71st percentile

Mary Tyler,

You love your paci.  Last night Daddy put it in your hand and you held on to it for a while! Dr. Butcher says that within the next few weeks you will be able to pass objects from one hand to the other! 

We started letting you watch "God of Wonders" videos the other day. (They are like Baby Einstein's but christian based) and you LOVE them! You just stare with amazement. I think you like all the colors moving, esp the black and white. 

You coo a lot now. and some times let out little squeals. When you get hungry you sound like a monkey "oooh oooh ooh"and when you cry you sound like you're saying "nay! nay! nay!" over and over (but you hardly ever cry). Dr. Butcher says you will be laughing sometime in the next month. I think you're close bc you giggle and smile in your sleep sometimes.

You've gotten a lot better at holding your head up.  Daddy took you to Costco (by himself) last week and carried you in in your Baby Bjorn. You loved facing outwards and looking at everything but after about 15 min you got a little fussy. We think you got tired of holding that head up.  We put you in your bumbo every once in a while and you hold your head up like a big girl! 

You still LOVE your rainforest play mat. You will lay on it and just kick and kick and smile and stare at the lights. You are slowly learning that if you flap your arms hard enough, you may hit the elephant and make it rattle. 

You love your bath and would stay in it all night. You also seem to love when i wrap you up real cozy in your towel right after your bath, and get you all warm. 

You are still breast feeding and eating about every 3 hours during the day (sometimes 2 sometimes 4). You've been eating from just one side and finish within about 7-10 minutes! (a very efficient eater) You had been consistently sleeping 7 hours every night (from 11:45 to 6:45) ... now you are going even longer!!! Last night you slept from 11:30 to 9:00 am. It was so great!! You are such a good sleeper. You take naps throughout the day but they aren't really on a schedule yet. At night we still swaddle you and turn on your sound machine to max volume. (ocean sound)

I take you everywhere with me. You've become quite the little traveler. When Lauren and me took you to the beach last week you did amazing for the 5 hour drive. We stopped once to feed and change you then you went right back in your car seat and either slept or stared out the window.  You really seem to like the car and like to travel unless you are fighting sleep. 

We love you so much, monkey! We can't imagine our lives without you and really have forgotten what it was like before you were here. Daddy and I looked at each other a few nights ago and said "What did we used to do??" :) You are the best thing your dad and I have ever done. We cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Love, Mommy


  1. Soooo sweet, Brittney. She is absolutely precious! I love reading your blog and seeing all the updates. Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl.

  2. Look at you, MT! Growing so fast! Britt, I think she looks like you, but then there are a few pictures where she SO has a Matt expression. She is precious! I know y'all are enjoying her!