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Monday, April 2, 2012

6 weeks old

I cant believe I have a six week old (almost 7 now)

Mary Tyler,

On Friday, March 30th you slept "through the night." I fed you at 11:45 and then put you to bed. I didnt have to feed you again until 8:30 the next morning! I did wake up at 6:45 to you squirming and grunting but you weren't fully awake yet. I just repositioned you in your pack n play and you slept til 8:15. What a good girl!! Then you went back to sleep until about 10am. When I took you to your nursery to get you dressed for the day you REALLY smiled right at me. For the past few weeks you smile a little bit but it's always looked like you're looking right above my head, not in my eyes. That morning you smiled right at me like HEY MOMMY! You are so sweet!

Then last night, April 1st, we got your nursery all set up and let you sleep in your crib for the first time. I was a mess. I didnt get much sleep bc I kept waking up to look at the monitor and make sure you were ok. Of course, you were perfect. I got up around 4 and repositioned you (you'd slid down off the boppy we're letting you sleep on to help w your reflux) then at 5:30 I went back in and fed you and put you back down. Your sound machine also has a projector that shows a little moon and stars on your ceiling... I turned that on and you stared at it until about 6:45 (i watched on the monitor...thinking you were going to start crying again any minute bc you were wide awake and in a different room) but you just watched it until you finally fell asleep and then slept until about 9:15.

Some other small things: You love your bouncy seat and mamaroo. You've started sitting in your bumbo but not too much. you still have a "floppy head" so you get tired of it easily. You LOVE your rainforest play mat. Daddy lays on the floor with you and you watch the lights and kick and play! I have taken a bunch of videos of yall and facebook loves them. Eventually ill upload them to my youtube account so we have record of them for years to come.

We love you so much and cant believe how quickly time is passing.

Here is the picture of you last night in your crib for the first time.


  1. Brittney...I do hate that I missed y'all in the office on Friday. Mary Tyler is perfect in everyway. It makes me so happy to see you embrace your new job as a Mom. Your blog is a great idea. I have kept a journal for my daughter and plan to give it to her the day she gets married. It was a pleasure to help get Mary Tyler here. Thank you for all your kind words in your note. It made me realize that I am in the right place and love what I do. Do not hesitate to call if you need me for anything and bring Mary Tyler by to see me!

  2. Hey Kristin!! I was so sad I missed you!! Please, do keep in touch! Do you have a facebook? :)