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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

this christmas..

sorry so long between blogs. WHAT A CHRISTMAS!!!! we had an awesome one!! We still haven't completed the "Bolt Christmas Tour," as matt was calling it all last week. short recap:

Tuesday night: We went to matt's dad's house to celebrate with his dad, stepmom, half brother and sister, and kelleigh :) awesome gifts we racked up: coach sunglasses, best buy card, some nice polo shirts, MAC and benefit makeup ! we love seeing them

Wednesday night: We went to Clemson to Mimi and Grandy's to celebrate with dad, susie, tyler, uncle sammy, aunt twila, matt & ashley. we had a great meal and then a huge christmas!! awesome gifts we racked up: pea coat, massage chair thingie for matt's office, cuisinart griddler, money.

Thursday night (Christmas Eve): we both did some last minute shopping then went to Christmas Eve service at Brookwood with Dad, Susie, and Tyler. Then we went over to Cindy's (matt's mom) for christmas eve dinner. awesome gifts we racked up: lottery tickets (we ended up winning $90!) michael kors watch, lucky jeans, iPhone (matt got a new one bc his screen was broken), boots, victoria secret giftcard.

Friday Morning: We had a lovely "first" Christmas morning together! It was really our second christmas but last year we lived in Raleigh and we were home traveling all around during Christmas. so it was our first time waking up, in our own house, with our dogs, eating breakfast and opening what we got each other! we had waffles. matt got me some beautiful diamond stud earrings and a bunch of yummy candy! i got him a new computer monitor, a coffee mug warmer, and a lowe's gift card and some stocking stuffers. The spoiled furchildren, Cooper and Annie, got GIANT "candycane" rawhides and some really cool little stuffed animal toys that you put empty water bottles in, so that they can have a new chewtoy all the time. and some beggin strips. they had a great time!

then we headed over to my dad's. opened presents with him and susie, my stepbrothers, and tyler. highlights: best buy card, world market giftcard to get a rug for our bedroom, a beautiful wrought iron scrollwork type piece with a monogrammed "B" to put over our bed (pictures to come). awesome clothes :)

thennnnnn we headed to Bishopville, SC with Cindy to spend time with her family. We had a lot of fun! We watched Christmas Vacation, laughed a lot, drank some wine, ate til we were about ot pop, and opened presents. highlights: "BOLT" picture frame, scarves, money. we drove back home that night and got in about midnight. needless to say, we were exhausted! but im not done yet!!!!!

throughout all of this my poor mom still hadn't seen us all week!!! we just had so much to fit in! so we went over there saturday and spent the whole day with her and trav, tyler and linds. we got a Wii!!! we love it! we played it for a while then all piled in the car and went to best buy to get a new game. we got family feud .. it is amazing, for any of yall that have Wii's!!! then we went to see "It's Complicated" it was really cute!

Phew!!!!! As you can see, having two sets of divorced families can be a lot of traveling and cause extreme exhaustion but we are so lucky and blessed that all of us are healthy and well and able to spend time together! we have so much fun!!! and hey, its like, quadruple the presents :) ... just playin. in all seriousness we love giving so much more than receiving, we could have gotten nothing and been so happy just to spend time with everyone and enjoy the holidays. and we're STILL not done!!!!! We have Christmas with my mom's family in a few weekends! i can't wait to see them all. they live in GA and we don't see them as often as i wish we could.

i have more to write about my heart issues and new years etc... but i will make a different post about that tomorrow :) (or one day soon)

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