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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the diamond story and what's going on with me ..

ok. first. story.

christmas eve we went to church with dad and susie then headed over to matt's mom's. we'd only been there for a few minutes when i looked down and saw this...

!!!!!!!! i couldn't even talk. finally i got my words and was like, "MATT!!! MY DIAMOND'S MISSING!!!!!!" we dumped out my purse, searched in the presents, bathroom, out to the car, under the seats, in the trunk, in the street, crawling in the grass in the freezing rain, we looked EVERYWHERE!!! i didn't remember hitting it on anything and i was sure i remembered still having it at church. the weird thing is, when you hear of a diamond falling out, its usually bc a prong comes loose and the diamond slips out, in this case, the entire setting was gone!! anyway.. when we had almost given up hope, we decided to go back to the church and see if it'd falled out when i took off my coat. i was in the front seat, already cranked the car, crying and waiting on matt to get in when he came running up to my window, jumping up and down. when he was walking around the back of the car to get in the passenger side, he just shined his flashlight (one more time) in the road and saw a pebble looking thing out of the corner of his eye, he found it!!!!! PHEW!!!!!! it's insured and everything but i mean, thats the diamond matt proposed with, and we got married with, and i didnt want a different one!!! i am so happy he found it. took it to hale's (the jewelry store) monday and they were very apologetic and happy matt found it, they fixed it. man. im so happy. just thought that story was crazy enough to share!

it's back and shinier than ever :)

OK. on to a quick recap of my heart issues:

1. the doctor found the problem while reviewing the results from the heart monitor i wore for 3 weeks.

2. i have atrial tachycardia. which means... there are 4 chambers in the heart. my atria (upper two chambers) are beating faster than the lower two. this causes the blood to not flow properly to my organs (particularly my brain) and causes the weak, dizzy, light headed, passing out.. etc. (which is what everyone kept trying to blame on low blood pressure)

3. im going to rome, ga (where my doctor is, bc my aunt works for him and he's been the one doing all of the monitoring, etc, hes an electrophysiologist) on JAN. 22nd to have a small procedure/surgery.

4. if you're really interested google EP Test and Cardiac Ablation. if not ... the nut shell is. they go in through my groin with a few tiny catheters (while im AWAKE) up to my heart. then, with drugs, they speed up my heart to try to "recreate" what happens when i have an "episode" . if they find the exact place that is "firing bad signals" they will put me to sleep and do an ablation. which means they use a little electrical signal to kill the spot on my heart thats causing problems.

5. i'll most likely be able to go home that day. my nanny lives nearby and we're going to stay with her for that weekend.

i am so so so thankful that they found SOMETHING, anything! i have been so frustrated just knowing that someone had to be wrong and no one was finding it. if they are successful in the ablation, i shouldn't have anymore problems for a while. if they cant find anything, they will hopefully at least be able to regulate it with medicine. everyone say a quick little prayer for me in january! this isnt a burden, its a blessing!! just a little nervous about being wake for the first part.

got a YUMMY recipe to post tomorrow, check back.

oh, and happy new year!!!! matt is playing a gig at the poinsett club and i am babysitting. whatta a different kind of new years eve for us. it's good money for him, and i didnt want to be sitting there bored and not know anyone while he was playing, or go out without him, and then got asked to babysit, so i am. but then new years day im making pork chops, collard greens, and black eyed peas!!! pictures to come :) happy 2010



  1. My mom had this surgery done twice last year! It is pretty easy recovery. Just have to take it easy for a while. In the future she might have to have a 3rd one done. They said her heart has the weirdest electrical path of any heart they have ever seen so she is kind of a special case.

  2. wow. is her doctor here in greenville? they can't really figure mine out either. hopefully the procedure will work this time, for her and for me! )

  3. Brittney i just realized I posted my previous message signed in under my husband and not my name. Her doctors were here in greenville. I will be praying for you tomorrow... You will be in good hands. Lauren Buczkowski