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Saturday, August 18, 2012

ooooooh we're halfway there!!!

Monkey is 6 MONTHS OLD!!!!! hoooooolllllllly cow! I can't believe it. We are taking her 6 month pictures with Aunt Lollie on Monday... but for now, here's whats up!

At her 6 month check up today Mary Tyler..
- weighed 17lbs 13 oz and is in the 80 percentile for weight
- measured 27 inches long and is in the 89 percentile for height
- can't remember her exact head measurement but she has a little peanut head and is in 41 percentile for head circumference

Dr B says that all is totally normal and all healthy. Babies are usually the heaviest at 6 months bc they havent really started moving and burning calories yet, so they just sit around like blobs and love to eat :)  Also, her head will grow, haha.

Her schedule look sort of like this:

8:30/9:00 - Wake Up and Eat a 6 oz Bottle
10:00 - Nap
11:30/12:00 - Fruit and a 4 oz bottle
1:30 - Nap
3:30/4 - Fruit or Veggie and a 4 oz bottle
5:30 - Occasionally a cat nap
6:30/7:30 - Veggie mixed with Rice Cereal and her Prevacid
8:30/9:00 - Bathtime - 4 or 6 oz bottle - Bedtime

I've kind of made it a point to have her schedule very loose. Matt and I never stick to a strict schedule for anything and I didn't want to have a baby who was on such a strict schedule that we couldn't put her to bed a little later if we were out to dinner or something. She is SUCH a good baby, I can't even explain how many times a week matt and I say "what did we do to deserve this?! she is so good!" She really just goes with the flow and she sleeps 11-12 hours every night.

Speaking of sleep... about two weeks ago we were still swaddling MT in her miracle blanket (which she'd been swaddled in every night since she came home from the hospital). She LOVED being wrapped up at night but around 6 am she'd roll to her belly and start crying bc she couldn't get her arms out, so we decided to start leaving her arms out. She did awesome with it for about a week. It didnt affect how long she slept or anything, but the all of a sudden, three nights ago, we looked on the monitor and she was sleeping in a FACE PLANT.... i mean, FACE DOWN, buried in the mattress. I freaked out and ran in there and rolled her over and she woke up laughing at me. Sheeeeesh! So the rest of the night I couldnt sleep bc I kept watching the monitor and she KEPT doing it and I KEPT running in there to check on her. I called my doctor friend, Megan, and she assured me it was fine and giggled at how similar we are bc she went through the same paranoia with her son, Waker. ANYWAY, today at her 6 mo check Dr. B said "So? Let her sleep however the heck she wants to sleep. If she wants to sleep in a face plant, fine. She must think its confortable. Have you ever done child's pose in yoga, it feels amazing and its face down! She'll turn her head if she cant breathe." Now I'm totally at ease about it. In fact, she's been in bed for 3 hrs now and I havent checked the monitor screen once. We are SO BLESSED to have a sleeping baby. (Have you ever met me? Do you KNOW how much I love sleep? Do you UNDERSTAND how worried I was the whole time I was pregnant bc I literally cannot function without sleep??) Our God is an awesome God and truly knows me, bc my child SLEEPS and I need it. :)

Moving on...

She still LOVES Mickey Mouse. I got her a Minnie stuffed animal at Switcharoos and she smiles so big and acts shy every time we hold it up.

Loves bath time. I even started dumping a huge cup of water right on her head (I read that's better to do than trying to avoid letting it get in their face bc then they turn into that whiney toddler in the bathtub if water gets in their eyes) Anyway, she laughs and splashes every time i dump it on her head. She is gonna be a fish, just like her daddy.

She loves to hold hands and when she's holding she squeezes then releases over and over. Like she's practicing her grip. She also does that to my face, shoulder, Cooper, anything she can get a hold of, she grabs, SO HARD. We learned today that we have to start disciplining a painful pinch. Hope it works, bc OWWWW!

She really likes her exersaucer and has learned to bounce really high in it. She laughs and looks at me like "Whoa Mommy! Did you see that?!" Then does it again.

Just in the past two days she acts SO SHY when I take her in to see Matt after she wakes up from her morning nap. (He works from home). We usually go into his office and he says "Heyyyyy My Munks!!!!" and she smiles so big... the past few mornings we do the same thing and as soon as he says hey to her she smiles and then buries her head into my chest and wont look at him. Then she'll peek at him and hes smiling at her real big, and she'll hide again. It's like she has a crush and is embarrassed. (The same thing she does when she sees Mickey Mouse)

She will NOT stay on her back. It's so hard to change her diaper or get her dressed now, bc the SECOND i put her down she flips over. She always rolls over her left shoulder so I try to hold the right one down while im changing her (its a difficult task) and she grunts and grunts til she's finally changed and I let her roll.

She's learned to play peek-a-boo with me and she thinks is hilarious

She's said "DA" several times but not "Da-Da" the most frequent sounds she makes are "ooooooh" and "gooooo" and "Mmmm" She babbles but not with one syllable yet (like dadadada)

She can sit for anywhere from 30 sec-1 min unassisted if she's leaning slightly forward, but as soon as she tries to look behind her or lean back she falls backward. She's getting better everyday though!

She's wearing size 2 and size 3 diapers. We are finishing out the size 2 packs that we have but the size 3's are really better. She also wear a Baby Dry diaper at night bc she sleeps so long, its SO FULL in the morning and the Swaddlers were NOT holding it all. The Baby Dry are much better!

She loves going outside still. I just got her a swing at switcharoos and matt's gonna hang it this weekend.

She isn't interested in books. I try to read them to her and she just wants to grab them and throw it or chew it. She won't look at the pictures yet.

She still has bad teething days. Lots of drool and some fussiness, but today Dr. B said her teeth are no where close. Haha! Poor baby!!! It's hurting her bc they are coming up through layers of bone right now, but not near the surface yet. I only had 2 bottom teeth at my one year birthday, so she's probably on my course. :)

She wears 9 mo clothes now. The 6 mo sleepers are officially too short, her toes look like they're about to bust through. She can still fit in 6 month onesies but boy, are those snaps getting snug ;)

We love our baby girl SO MUCH! I will post 6 mo pictures after our shoot with Lauren next week!

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