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Sunday, October 2, 2011

stayin alive

i was thinking... i need to keep this blog alive.. bc there are so many memories of our first few years of marriage on it, i don't want to just neglect. so ill start with a short and simple post on whats been going on lately.

matt went to San Francisco last week on a business trip. While he was gone, my lovely friends came over one night, we ordered pizza, and had a nursery painting party!! We didn't finish it all, but made a lot of progress so that Matt wouldn't have TONS to do to finish it when he got back. He's actually in there right now finishing up the "cutting in" and the corners. I love the color and I can't wait to get baby girl all set up in there!!! We are hoping to get hardwood floors and crown molding installed after Christmas, but for the time being we are going to set everything up in there as if its permanent. This is the room I chose for her nursery inspiration..

I can't wait to see how it turns out at the end! :)

Next, I am SO happy the fall weather is here!!!!! I feel like I'm finally back in a routine of some sorts. Today was the first day since, maybe April (??? yikes!) that I have sat down and made out a "menu" for the week, then gone to the grocery store and picked up all my

ingredients. A few things on this weeks menu: Crockpot Creamy Chicken and Stuffing, Bowtie Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli, Homemade Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Lasagna and Garlic Bread. Yum. I'm so happy I'm able to eat again!!!! So is baby girl :) We've gained 5 lbs now!!

Cheerleading is going pretty well! Last week we had our first competition and we won!! Yesterday we had our 2nd competition and we got 5th out of 5. It's hard in competitive cheer because each set of judges have the same score sheets every week but maybe have totally different judging styles. We have a lot to work on before the next competition, but boy have they come a long way since last year!! :) Here's what they did the first week.... (the video is crooked at first but it'll straighten out! also the music is off with the action at the end of the film but you get the picture)...

As you can tell, Matt is becoming a "cheer dad" already. Yes, that's him at the beginning of the video, ARGUING with a woman who kept telling him to sit down. Haha. Gotta love him!!

Finally, Clemson is GOOD y'all!!!!!!! I haven't been this excited about Clemson Football in a long time. It kind of stinks that this is the first year we've been awesome and is also the first year that I am not able to go to every home game bc of cheer competitions, but still, i am thrilled!!! I told Matt if we go to the Orange Bowl, or heck, possibly the National Championship, I don't care how large and in charge this mama is, IM GOIN! SO SO Proud of my tigers!!!!!

I can't wait to go the the mtns. in two weekends to celebrate our 4 year anniversary and come home with some pumpkins and mums for the front porch!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic FALL!!! The holiday season will be here before we know it!!!!! I LOVE it : )


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