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Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday #1

we had a great holiday!! we left Wednesday evening and went up to my families mountain house in highlands with my family. played a pretty intense game of Mad Gab on Wednesday night (if you haven't played it, I recommend it, it's amazing). Thursday we watched the parade, made a huge breakfast, watched the Dog Show (my favorite part!!!), cooked a ton of food, watched Clemson lose a basketball game, ate dinner, and wallowed in fullness the rest of the night. i made some killer deviled eggs and my nanny's dressing. it was so good!!!!!!!! i was pretty proud of myself. friday the girls went shopping and we got some fun christmas presents, then matt and i headed home friday afternoon and went to eat over at his mom's house. it was a really good weekend, until Clemson lost the Carolina game SAturday. We were doing so bad by the 4th quarter that Matt and I left to get our Christmas Tree. It's not a masterpiece, but I'm very happy with it!
i got those really fun, cozy, chenille stockings at Garden Ridge. I really love them. And my mantle COULD be all elaborate and straight out of Southern Living, like my mom would do really well, but I'm happy with it being very simple and "homey." Please excuse my two air freshners in the picture. They were sitting on my coffee table and i didn't realize it. one is fall harvest (from thanksgiving) and one is gingerbread man... they are both delicious smelling. ANYWAY this actually is Matt and my first Christmas having our own tree and stockings and everything. Last year we were living in Raleigh but came home for the holidays and stayed at my mom's and his mom's so we didn't decorate our house in NC. We've been working on...or should I say...Matt's been working on the yard a lot too, and putting spotlights on the house. As soon as I get my wreaths up I will post a picture of the outside!! Hope everyone had as great of a holiday as I did!!

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