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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

school and recent happenings

i ended up getting a class changed and didn't have it yesterday. so my first class was tonight. it was so weird being in a classroom again but you wouldnt believe the difference, in myself (not school). i felt like i was in 2nd grade again. when i actually loved school and learning and hearing what the teacher had to say. so much different i guess going to class with a ton of weirdos i dont know and not having friends and trying to catch up on the latest gossip/a million other things going on at school. my class tonight was medical terminology and instead of just going over the syllabus and leaving (like every other 1st day of college class i had) she did that and then went right into the lesson. i was taking notes with different colored pens and highlighting and loving everything she said. i suppose its a bit of the fact that i love vocabulary in general, so the medical vocabulary is really fun to me.

i also figured out that its going to be pretty easy considering one guy asked what a tonsillectomy was and the teacher explained it and said it was one of the "harder" terms. i was like. what. haha also. immediately when i walked in a very enthusiastic girl, resembling queen latifah, was like "whats yo majah?" and i looked up and her and the 10 people already in the room where all staring at me blankly. i was like "umm.. sonography." (i was so caught off guard bc i was early to class and scared me that someone was sitting right in the door way and yelled that right when i walked in the room, and everyone was looking at me. anyway once i answered she was like "oh girrrl. no problem, just askin everyone what their major is bc im hopin im not the only Radiology person in here" then i chuckled to myself as i watched each person mosey in the classroom only to jump out of their skin when greeted by "WHATS YO MAJAH??"

anyway.! im not saying that i will be this enthusiastic about anatomy, or math, :) but i really like it and think learning is fun again! this is a good thing. i also just got done doing my homework that's not due until our first test and isn't even technically due, just allowed to turn it in for 1 extra point on the tests . and i finished my anatomy reviews online that i dont have to have done until sunday. i am being quite the overachiever, different from the brittney anyone who's been in school with me since i started liking boys and playing in 6th grade, knows.

i babysat for the little girl i babysat last summer, Lauren and her little brother Brennan today from 9am to 12pm. they are 2 and 1/2 and 7 months. it was very new to me, never babysat two that young together before. it wasnt as hard as i was expecting though. and then i grabbed some lunch with mom and went straight to my next babysitting gig for an 8yrd old boy (who's autistic) and a 6 going on 14 year old girl. first time i kept them. the boy, Garrett was so PRECIOUS! i loved him. he was very touchy feely and just wanted to be next to me, and very smart and just so interesting. little girl, Ryan, told me that she asked someone the other day, "do you wanna piece-a me" after being accused of being mean to her. haha she was really funny. ANYWAY so i babysat back to back and then came home, got my book bag, and traveled all the way back across town to go to class. then came home, ate dinner with matt, and did my homework. im pooped! havent had this eventful of a day in a while (besides moving).

going to post pictures of the house soon enough. just still have stuff everywhere and want to have it looking good before i "reveal" it to all of you in blogland. write soon.


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  1. Things sound very exciting for you! Glad you are back in G'ville and settling in to your new adorable house! Good luck with school!