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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Training the Dog....


I had forgotten how impossible and frustrating it is to train a puppy - Especially to go to the bathroom outside! Not to mention, getting her on a schedule where she will sleep through the night, not annoy Cooper, and allow Brittney and I to sleep!

The first week, she had an upset stomach and was "leaking" from her back side - Considering all the new furniture in the house, it was not a pretty sight. I believe the final tally was 10 rolls of paper towels, at least 5 bottles/cans of carpet cleaner, and every bit of my sweet Brittney's patience.

Brittney and I both use some interesting dog training methods as we don't like the idea of "crate" training. If I hear "crate train her" from another non-dog expert, I'm going to crate train them (the person making the suggestion)! With Cooper, we put him in a crate for the first night and he didn't make a sound - The next night, we couldn't stand having him locked up and let him sleep on the bed. Cooper has turned out amazing - Just a tad bit spoiled though ;)

On the other hand, we made an attempt to put Annie in the crate. We were warned about Beagle's "strong vocals," but oh my gosh - The LOUDEST thing I have ever heard. It's like one of the old digital alarm clocks going off [ Here ] times 100. After maybe 5 minutes, we both reached our breaking points and let her out and on the bed.

She's a bit different than Cooper... She's very cold natured and will snuggle up very close to you to stay warm. Cooper, apparently, has some husky in him and is, therefore, warm natured - He'll lay on the bed for 10 minutes max - Then he gets hot - Then irritated - Then he's on the ground sleeping :)

My wonderful, sweet, amazing wife stayed up with both the dogs (sometimes until 7am) the first week while Annie had her little "leak." This was so I could get my 3-4 hours beauty sleep before getting up for work. Speaking of work, I clocked 112 hours!... One hundred and twelve hours!... 4.7 days!... two weeks ago, so things were a little crazy around the house.

After my 4 day vacation (Thanksgiving), I feel renewed and freshly motivated. Additionally, the dogs have been on their best behavior. Annie is starting to understand the concept of "holding it" as well as learn a few tricks (only sit for now). Brittney has been so great through everything... the dogs, my work, my lack of patience.

Life's crazy and moving fast, which, hopefully will slow down just a tad bit soon. I gotta get to working - See you all soon!

Much Love,


PS: If you want to check out one of the games I worked a good bit on, goto It's a virtual world for kids - Very cool. :)

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